Refreshing Cold Asian Noodle Recipe for a Hot Summer Night

A couple of weeks ago I posted a pic on IG of dinner. Jenny and Martino, you guys seemed interested in the recipe! It was a hot hot hot day, and we don’t have central air conditioning! So when I got home hungry, this was my go to dinner.

A little back story — I’ll keep it quick, since you’re probably hungry, and looking for the recipe 😉 Back in our Brooklyn days, I struggled to maintain a healthy diet, packing lunch, and saving money. With the concept of Mis En Place — I would make sides ahead of time and mix and match for salads / lunches. It helped keeping us on our budget and semi-healthy diet.

DIY Bachelorette Party Decor

To celebrate Ali’s bachelorette party, a group of us rented a house in Palm Springs, CA for the weekend. I was charged with organizing and decor.  As a paper nerd / DIY enthusiast, I was horrified at the tackiness of all things bachelorette. From the Barbie pink colors, to the plastic tacky phallic decor, I had to DIY some elegant & chic alternatives!

Planting Seeds for Your Garden and Home

Starting seeds indoors is great to get a jump on the gardening season. It’s also a major perk to grow organic veggies, save some money, and it’s cool watching your seeds grow into plants.  This year is our first calendar year living in New England.  With a short growing season, starting seeds early helped to plan out the future garden.

Easy Invisible Zipper Tutorial

I hate sewing zippers. They are so finicky. You have to have the right zipper foot, the extra layers of fabric combined with pins can break your machine needle. It’s such a cluster fu*k. Going to the fashion district always gave me major anxiety

Quick Weekend Decorating

Inspiration for the decorating the mantle

We had some family come for a visit in early March. With work and managing all of my consulting clients, house decorating has fallen to wayside. I wanted to spruce up the living area without spending too much time and money for a quick weekend project.  

DIY Wedding Flowers


DIY Wedding Flowers
Flowers, gardening, and plants are a major part of my identity!  Unfortunately/fortunately, I was unable to grow my own flowers for our wedding. This would have been too stressful to add onto everything else to do.  After months of scouring the internet for affordable floral vendors,

DIY Paper Fan Party Favors

DIY paper fan tips and tricks for wedding favors.
DIY paper fan tips and tricks for wedding favors.

A homemade gift is more special than a store bought one. With plenty of wedding planning/crafting time, I wanted to make something special for my wedding guests. Also, as a packaging designer I love the physical connection you can have with objects. This was a big driving force into our wedding party favors. 

May Showers Bring Spring (and Summer) Flowers

May started out pretty rough up here. VERY ROUGH. There were few days where we had mild snow showers. There was a running joke in the office–someone would get their snow tires removed, and would get caught in a little snow shower on the way back from the mechanic. I never thought spring would ever arrive! 

Dancing Till the Cows Come Home

(or leave home, that is)

On a run, we discovered Stonewall Farm. It’s a good run, totalling 4 miles roundtrip. The farm has a great educational program, hosts weddings, has a sugar house, and are a staple in the community.

A few days later, Dan woke me up and asked “Hey do you want to go look at cows dancing like puppies?” Turns out, it’s a huge deal out here

New Things & Big Changes

There are several new things to me at the moment.

I’ve left my home of Brooklyn after 13 years and moved to a tiny (and snowy) town, Keene, New Hampshire. It’s a lovely little place but a major lifestyle change from Brooklyn. My fiance and I got jobs magically in the same town his dad lives in.  We all work on the same block on Main Street, and also live together. We had a seamless transition from the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn to Keene. He has graciously allowed us to stay in his house until we can figure out a permanent living solution.