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Dancing Till the Cows Come Home

(or leave home, that is)

On a run, we discovered Stonewall Farm. It’s a good run, totalling 4 miles roundtrip. The farm has a great educational program, hosts weddings, has a sugar house, and are a staple in the community.

A few days later, Dan woke me up and asked “Hey do you want to go look at cows dancing like puppies?” Turns out, it’s a huge deal out here

New Things & Big Changes

There are several new things to me at the moment.

I’ve left my home of Brooklyn after 13 years and moved to a tiny (and snowy) town, Keene, New Hampshire. It’s a lovely little place but a major lifestyle change from Brooklyn. My fiance and I got jobs magically in the same town his dad lives in.  We all work on the same block on Main Street, and also live together. We had a seamless transition from the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn to Keene. He has graciously allowed us to stay in his house until we can figure out a permanent living solution.