Refreshing Cold Asian Noodle Recipe for a Hot Summer Night

A couple of weeks ago I posted a pic on IG of dinner. Jenny and Martino, you guys seemed interested in the recipe! It was a hot hot hot day, and we don’t have central air conditioning! So when I got home hungry, this was my go to dinner.

A little back story — I’ll keep it quick, since you’re probably hungry, and looking for the recipe 😉 Back in our Brooklyn days, I struggled to maintain a healthy diet, packing lunch, and saving money. With the concept of Mis En Place — I would make sides ahead of time and mix and match for salads / lunches. It helped keeping us on our budget and semi-healthy diet. We also went years without an Air Conditioner so having the stove on for more than 10 minutes meant for slow death by city heat exhaustion. Finding the combo of Mis En Place toppings and a quick easy noodle dish was a staple for our summer diets.

Image via Bon Appetit

Image via Bon Appetit


  1. A cup of whatever veggies you have at hand, julienned. A mix of carrots, cucumbers, summer squash will do fine, green onions, and I love the bittersweet taste of radishes. If you can find watermelon radish, that’s a major bonus. Also I’m a diehard avocado lover, Martino, are they readily available in Berlin? Bok Choi and broccoli florets are awesome too.
    P.S. I like this Oxo gadget since its really easy to clean and quick to Julienne.
  2. A protein (optional) this is great for that small piece of chicken or fish left over from another meal. I used a 3/4 cup of leftover grilled salmon.
  3. Buckwheat Soba Noodles or any quick, thin cooking noodles will do. Let them cool after cooking.
  4. 1 Egg for poaching (optional)

Ingredients for the Dressing (For one serving):

  1. Olive Oil 15g (1 Tablespoon)
  2. Sesame Oil 3g (½ Teaspoon)
  3. Soy Sauce 5g (1 Teaspoon)
  4. Maple Syrup or Sugar (to dash taste).
    *I don’t add any salt here since the Soy Sauce is usually pretty salty.

Assembly/Notes: If you do want to poach your egg, I suggest preparing the water for the poached egg while you’re assembling the dish so everything is ready before the egg is poached. After your noodles are cooked and cool, assemble accordingly:

  1. Noodles on bottom with optional ice cubes (this is very Korean)
  2. Add your veggies/protein
  3. Add the Avocado (optional)
    *By now your egg should be done poaching
  4. Top with a poached egg
  5. Add some scallions (optional)
  6. Drizzle dressing
  7. Top with salt and pepper (for the egg of course) to taste.



P.S. I had three variations this week since it was so hot!

Easy Cold Asian Noodles for a hot night, Throw together some veggies, noodles, and this simple 4 ingredient dressing.

Easy Cold Asian Noodles for a hot night. Throw together some veggies, noodles, and this simple 4 ingredient dressing.

What are some of your favorite summertime recipes?

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