DIY Wedding Flowers


DIY Wedding Flowers
Flowers, gardening, and plants are a major part of my identity!  Unfortunately/fortunately, I was unable to grow my own flowers for our wedding. This would have been too stressful to add onto everything else to do.  After months of scouring the internet for affordable floral vendors, researching from Costco’s VistaFlor to local florists, my co-worker told me about Tracie’s Community Farm in a town nearby(ish). We ordered 8 buckets total for a mix of Dahlia, babys breath, yarrow, statice, hydrangeas, snapdragon, gladiolus. Each bucket had about 40-55 stems at $20 a bucket and $1 per gladiolus and dahlias we met our budget of under $200! Wahoo!!!  This post on APW was crucial in helping pick the flowers chosen as well as get a practical/realistic sense of what our DIY flowers would look like. 

Most importantly, we had an awesome team of 5 people help make everything come together and make all of the arrangements. They just nailed it at putting everything together! My mom was so stoked about making my bouquet!  The team did an incredible job. They also went the extra mile and surprising me by decorating the ceremony arbor with wild flowers grown on the property! Amazing! Couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out! 

Helpful Tips

  1. We had plenty of refrigerator space to keep the centerpieces.
  2. This took about 2-3 for a team of 3-5 people working.
  3. The boutonnieres were a fail and wilted over night! I suggest having them assembled the day of.
  4. Keep a towel nearby to squeeze out the flowers before walking down the aisle.
  5. Keep your team fully hydrated with beers and fed with delicious snacks!
  6. Check Michael’s or Joann Fabrics and catch their sales. It’ll help save when buying the floral wire, ribbon, tape etc.



Bonus: Arbor and Chairs 

The property we rented, Cobb Hill Estate, had fields of wildflowers growing throughout the property.  My amazing friends Ana, Darja, Martin, Molly and my Mom did a last minute scavenging to decorate the arbor and chairs with flowers.  It was a total surprise and I was definitely holding back tears walking down the aisle.



Best (stress filled crazy) day ever.



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