Dancing Till the Cows Come Home

(or leave home, that is)

On a run, we discovered Stonewall Farm. It’s a good run, totalling 4 miles roundtrip. The farm has a great educational program, hosts weddings, has a sugar house, and are a staple in the community.

A few days later, Dan woke me up and asked “Hey do you want to go look at cows dancing like puppies?” Turns out, it’s a huge deal out here with hundreds of people to view the ladies dance. In Spring, the cows (aka the ladies) dance as they are released from their barn onto the green pastures. They have such personalities and grace as they gallop down into the field. I’ve never seen anything like it. I hear their milk is so sweet and delicious after they are released. It makes sense and puts a lot into perspective how we treat the animals, and how they in turn provide for us.

I’m definitely not in the city anymore!


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