New Things & Big Changes

There are several new things to me at the moment.

I’ve left my home of Brooklyn after 13 years and moved to a tiny (and snowy) town, Keene, New Hampshire. It’s a lovely little place but a major lifestyle change from Brooklyn. My fiance and I got jobs magically in the same town his dad lives in.  We all work on the same block on Main Street, and also live together. We had a seamless transition from the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn to Keene. He has graciously allowed us to stay in his house until we can figure out a permanent living solution.

So to name a few things completely new to me at the moment and within the next 6 months, they include, new job, new town, new lifestyle, and I am getting married. I guess I’ll have a new name as well? My great friend Ashley, encourages me every year with a “word of the year”. My word this year is RENEW. It’s very fitting, knowing at the end of 2014 we would be moving for Dan’s job.

Kimchi Sandwich will be an outlet for all of the newness in my life as I transition to New England.  The origin of Kimchi Sandwich is inspired by the life I share with my partner in crime, Dan. I’m Korean American, and he’s a Vermonter, our combined food interests are a mix of our backgrounds and interests in food. At Kimchi Sandwich I’ll be combining my love for food, cooking, crafting, antiques, graphic design, and packaging design.

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